arlal School of Law (HSL) was established in the Year 2004 by Shanti Education Society, registered under Society Act XX of 1860 approved by BCI, affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut & functioning

as a constituent unit of HIMT Group of Institutions. Since its inception in 2004, the HSL has been engaged in revamping the legal education and promoting excellence in the teaching & research in Law. Its enviable infra-structure and academic ambience bonded with friendly atmosphere foster the students' desire to excel. The building is a magnificent structure, spread over several acres of land and situated in the lap of nature by the side of 8 Lane Expressway at Knowledge Park 1 of Greater Noida.

The faculty members of the HSL are selected from among persons with unfathomable interest in legal learning and research. The Harlal School of Law and its faculty seek to cultivate and nurture the spirit of excellence among the students. HSL, at present offers the degree programme B.A.LL.B. 5 Year Integrated course & LL.B. 3 Year course. The Placement Cell of the Harlal School of Law is sought after by some of India's top corporate law firms and practicing advocates. The School equips the students to unravel intricacies of different laws and legal issues and to appreciate or critique them in the given 'setting' with apt logical reasoning. The weekly moot-courts, seminars and debates in the classroom provide them a unique forum to sharpen their skills and logic.

Mission Statement

We have a mission to produce, promulgate the knowledge and the implication of law within social and legal context.

To infuse and equip the students with the contemporary laws to converge the challenges of the embryonic and fledging global precursors and capacitate them to be knowledgeable, flamboyant and pragmatic Legal professional.To intensify a coruscating mind and strengthen them to endow the society with legal cognizance and comprehensions.

Vision Statement

Harlal School of Law follows the well settled observation that Justice should be for all and to achieve this goal our Institution is committed to serve as a repository of legal education to provide excellent knowledge with the great human values to all students coming from different backgrounds, to enhance their capability to enlighten the world and to stand out as a perfectionist.

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Chairman Message

I warmly welcome the aspiring students to the fraternity of the HIMT Group of Institutions promoted by the Shanti Education Soci-ety where we provide an environment in which enthusiastic & committed people will have access of high quality learning & teaching supported by staff drawn from academic & professional background.

In our website, you will find complete information about the HIMT Group of Institutions' Courses offered, requirements and policies. You will also find detailed information about the other services be-ing extended to the students like Counseling, Scholarships, Li-brary, etc.

In addition to academics, HIMT is providing opportunities for stu-dents to involve in social and cultural events, community activity & governance. These experiences will enable the students to devel-op their skills as a citizen, a leader & further, prepare them for fu-ture challenges.

At the end I can say with confidence that combined efforts of Man-agement, faculties & students will make this Institute a place where students can build their future and share the excitement of person-al & intellectual challenge.

Mr. Anil Bansal

Secretary Message

Today, organizations across the globe are hiring people with vi-sion, passion, commitment, competence, zeal and with the resolve to make things happen around them by tenacious execution-performance abilities. Mere degrees and qualifications on paper are no longer substitutes for real-time action and the ability to think pragmatically and pro-actively.

It, therefore, can be inferred that conventional philoso-phies, styles and systems must dare to check this, be challenged, giving space to innovative ideas and thought processes. HIMT Group of Institutions strives to develop a combination of pro-cesses whereby ordinary students can emerge as extraordinary professionals. We plan to build your imagination, approach and at-titude beyond the scope of the traditional, knowledge-oriented for-mal education system.

Your stay, here in the fold of serenity and peace, will provide you invaluable inputs for employability, empowerment and entrepre-neurship, thus boosting your overall persona. We promise to make your stay in the institute a memorable sojourn in every possible manner.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar
Group Director

Group Director Message

It is indeed an exciting period in the India, growth story. The second fastest growing economy in the world, India is poised to become the world, largest economy by and of current century The unified and border-less world economy has now thrown open multitude of challenges and opportunities to business executives to cope with a high degree of work related stress. This got me thinking about power of education. The best contribution we can make in the life a fellow human being is to empower him with skills and education to enable him to face the challenges more efficiently and effectively in the present day scenario.

An individual, external world is largely the reflection of his inner world. Personal maturity and growth are sine qua non for effective managers. They have to continuously learn about themselves and grow. They have to regularly work on themselves. Personal development and character building of the students are our utmost priorities. We assist the students in their journey of self improvement through curricular activities, co-curricular pursuits and mentoring. Needless to say. We actively help them in their career development through counselling and institute-industry interface.

The programs at HIMT are tailored to bring out the best in each student, be it an individual performance or a group task. These programs alongside sharp academic delivery, is the ideal combination of business education and industry exposure in the right balance. In other words. Student executives enjoy a professional degree of freedom and respect in bringing out their skills and showcasing their talents week upon week incessantly under the able guidance of our dedicated faculty board.

We at HIMT endeavour to give the students our best in terms of course structure, infrastructure. Technological advancement & the educational ambience, leaving no stone unturned to impart them the best. The Central Library is an informational powerhouse offering unparalleled research & learning opportunities. we have modelled and smart wired all of our class rooms to incorporate emerging information technologies and to exploit the vast potential of the internet. Personally assure you of high academic quality/ standards and your constant growth and development at HIMT. Come and be a part of this exiting empowering and fruitful journey to your dream executive destination.

Dr. Tribhuvan Kumar Agrawal

Principal Message

Legal profession is considered to be a front line profession of the learned. The key features and objects of Harlal School of Law are to impart education with latest teaching methodologies so as to compete at the global platform and it makes an ideal atmosphere for carrying each of its students to the Ladder of Success.

HSL is a place where the mind is led forward by the ever widening thought & action. A radical change in mindset, more of knowledge delivery & assimilation and innovation & collaboration seem to be the future road map.

The faculty members of the HSL are selected from among persons with unfathomable interest in legal learning and research. The teaching of the college reflects the remarkable range of the faculty's expertise and interests. The College can boast of its alumni, who are persons of excellence in various fields of legal profession.

The faculty members of the HSL are selected from among persons with unfathomable interest in legal learning and research. The teaching of the college reflects the remarkable range of the faculty's expertise and interests. The College can boast of its alumni, who are persons of excellence in various fields of legal profession.

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